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The Sweet Smell Of Success…ful Packaging

BoxesIn many industries, there are products and services that have a high status and are associated with being a classy product. This means that every element of the product needs to be in touch with this image. This is because the brand identity of a products, service or company is crucial to the overall impact that the customer or client feels. A perfect example of this is the perfume industry as this is an industry where what the customer feels is not solely about the product. This is something that firms have to be aware of because if there is any element letting them down, they may find that they lose out on customers.

First of all, you tend to find the best selling products in the perfume and aftershave industry are related to a celebrity tie-in. It remains to be seen just how much input a celebrity has in their product creation but their name and face on the advertising campaign will go a long way to making people part with their cash. There will be some customers that rush out and buy the product with smelling what it is like or caring what the scent is. When you think of a perfume, the only thing that should really matter is its scent. If you like the scent and you feel that it is something that is right for you, or perhaps will be appreciated by those around you, you buy it. That’s it, that should technically be the main factor in buying a perfume, although of course, price and perceived value for money will always have a role to play in the buying decision. This is far from being the case though and it would be fair to say that for many perfumes, the scent is one of the last things that consumers consider when they buy a perfume.

Perfume packaging is one of the most important factors for customers

After the celebrity endorsement has been put in place, one of the most important things in selling perfume is the packaging. The packaging has to fit neatly alongside the overall brand and identity that is being sold by the company. A firm like Diesel likes to present a quirky and innovative style in their brand, and this means that this comes through in their promotional material and their packaging. Conversely, the Chanel brand is known for timeless style and elegance. If Diesel and Chanel were to keep every other variable constant but swapped packaging, sales of both would plummet. The name of Chanel may still be enough to convince with some customers to part with their hard earned cash but in reality, both products would seriously struggle down to the fact that the packaging doesn’t match up to consumer expectations.

This means that perfume companies need to find a bespoke print firm that will buy in to their image and brand. This means the packaging has to be of a certain nature and the point of sale material has to be of the same style and format. The style of the packaging should be represented and featured in the promotional material of the company. This is a big ask for many print firms and it is easy to see why there is a need to work with a highly rated print firm to bring this sort of product to the market place in the most tangible way. This is where working closely with a firm like Purple Results is likely to make all the difference.

The perfume industry is not entirely indicative of the market for all consumer products. It clearly has a standalone vibe to it but this doesn’t belittle the unique nature of the market. In many ways, the packaging and the promotional material of perfume can be seen as being more important than most things, maybe even the scent itself.

Feel the Quality – Luxury Print Is Still Viable

Purple_BoxWith the increasing focus and attention on digital mediums and online promotion, it could be easy to think that traditional print and promotional activities are dying out. Sure there is still a need for some print products but these are often being considered as a niche product in many industries and sectors. Digital offers convenience and it is easy for firms to produce, while offering a lot of financial reasons to switch to digital. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many firms are placing an increased amount of focus on digital print solutions.

However, you only have to think about the music industry to realise that digital isn’t always the best solution. Switching to CDs and digital downloads was trumpeted as being the best thing for people, offering convenience and a more affordable price tag than vinyl. This saw the majority of the marketplace switch over but slowly and surely, there has been an edging back towards vinyl and this is the case for many reasons. There is a higher level of quality in many vinyl products, it offers other benefits as opposed to just the tangible product and it can be a talking point that gets people excited about the standard product.

These reasons are as pertinent for luxury print solutions as they are for vinyl records. It is not as though every printed medium is something to be cherished or adored. A luxury print magazine or brochure is not of the same standard as the free newspapers and magazines that litter town and city centres every day after the daily commute.

Appeal to people’s sense of touch

Firstly, a luxury magazine plays to the sense of touch, providing a sensory delight that is not always available with a wide range of modern products, and it certainly isn’t available in digital print or promotional material. A great quality print will ensure that people want to pick up and explore a brochure of booklet and once they have it in their hands, they will be less inclined to put it down. This is the sort of connectivity that brands are crying out for and there is a genuine chance to provide this in one easy move. Luxury print services from Purple Results will ensure that customers and clients are desperate to have your product in their hands.

There is also no getting away from the fact that the act of producing a high quality luxury print will provide the company or brand with a level of prestige that other firms don’t have. If you want consumers and clients to think that you are a big company, you need to act like a big company and this is why releasing luxury print products fits the bill perfectly. Using high quality brochures to show off your high quality products and services will go a long way to creating a viable brand. If you combine the high quality of print with a great standard of copywriting, a stunning range of photos and a stylish design, you are virtually guaranteed to be thought of as being one of the most prestigious firms in your field. This is the sort of reputation that most firms are desperate to obtain and it is probably available in a much easier manner than people think.

Luxury print also taps into other benefits for clients. Digital often means disposable, which usually means that many people never get around to reading it. Think about your emails, if you don’t read it the moment it arrives or when you log on, there is a strong chance you will delete it or it will lie there unread. This is because there are always new emails flooding into your inbox, pushing down unread mails and once they are out of sight, they are rarely opened. This is why creating a great physical product that is practically begging to be read increases your chances of getting across to a consumer. If you want to be seen, give your audience a reason to look at you.

The devil (…or the Purple Monster) is in the detail….

Purple_monster5If you are looking for a reliable print firm to work with, there will be a number of elements that are important to you. Price will always be a factor but for many people, it may be that value for money is more important than the actual bottom line of the service. It may be that you are looking for a printer that specialises in a particular area of print or it could be that you are looking for a printer that offers a variety of print options. Delivery methods will be important, as will be speed of service but there is one element that is crucial for a good printer and it is sometimes overlooked.

When you hire a print firm, you want to make sure that they are able to provide you with a high level of attention to detail. This can make all the difference because if everything else about a brochure or business card is perfect, but some of the details are wrong or have been misspelled, it means your reputation could be in the gutter before you even begin. This is why you need to have a firm that will take the time to check over matters and who will ensure that what they provide to you to give to your clients is of the highest possible standard. If you are looking for the best brochure printing service in the UK, don’t forget that the success of your brochure will often stand or fall with respect to the attention to detail. This is why you need to find a print firm that will offer attention to detail and checking as standard. Of all the brochures printers in the UK, you will find that Purple Results has an excellent reputation in this regard.

In fact, the firm is not just known for their brochure services, they provide a high level of focus and attention to detail on all of their products. Whether you are looking for flyers, postcards, business cards, leaflets or even calendars, you will find that this is the company that provides you with a high standard of attention to detail.

Attention to detail really matters in the business world

You may think that it doesn’t really matter about the attention to detail, but this is only the case until something goes wrong. If you have a business card which has your email address recorded incorrectly or your telephone number is not right, think about the amount of business you could be missing out on. You may also find that people start to speak of your firm in a negative manner because people cannot get through to you when they tried to contact you. These are all aspects that can have a serious impact on your business in the long term.

If you are having business stationery printed for you or you are looking to have brochures printed up, you need to find a professional print firm that will provide you with a proofing service that can be relied on. The best business brochure printing service doesn’t just provide you with a stunning looking booklet; it will ensure that your brochure is factually correct and free of spelling errors. Errors may lead a potential buyer to question the reliability of your firm and before you know it, you will have lost out on a potential sale. The margin between success and failure in the business world are very slim, which means you need to work extremely hard to ensure you are thought of in a favourable manner.

It may even be that the attention to detail comes in how pages are laid out or what your leaflet looks like when it is folded and unfolded. These are all elements that may not seem too important when you are creating promotional material but when it comes to making the most positive impression on clients, these elements are crucial in ensuring your business is well regarded.

Quality printing counts

Stand Out With Quality

When it comes to standing out from the crowd in the business world, you have to think of every aspect in your business and you have to make sure that everything you do is strong and positive. A business should consider itself to only be as strong as its weakest link because this will often be the point where you lose customers or where a rival steals a march on you. There are many different ways in which you can prove your quality but unless you make a positive first impression, you may find that you never get the chance to really impress potential clients.

This means it makes sense to think about the first contact you have with a client. There is a need to make a good positive first impression so knowing how you make first contact with a client will help you to make sure that the first impression is a positive one. You probably aren’t going to win a customer over in the first few seconds of contact with them but it is certainly possible to lose a customer within the first few seconds if you don’t show a sufficient level of quality.

Many firms will have first contact with their client through their promotional activity. While a lot is said about online promotional activities, there is no doubt that traditional marketing such as posters, flyers and brochures are still important. In fact, for some industries, brochures remain the most important way for a firm to make contact with a client. This means you need to work with the best brochure printers in the UK if you want to make a positive impression. Working with a firm isn’t always about finding the most expensive firm or the cheapest firm, it should be about finding a firm that will listen to your needs and who has the confidence, skills and expertise to provide you with what you are looking for.

You need a print firm that can offer advice

While you should look for a UK printing company that will take your views and thoughts on board, it may be that their experience will allow them to make better recommendations as to what would best suit your needs. A good printing company will be able to make suggestions as to the best way to make a positive impression on clients and this is exactly what Purple Results can provide you with. The services of a high quality print firm can make all the difference in getting your message across to potential customers, so you need to choose a print firm that understands this. A print supplier should be considered as being part of your chain, helping your firm to create a brand and identity that pleases your potential customer. Price will always be a factor in choosing a firm to work with regardless of what product or service you are buying but when it comes to developing your brand, there is no doubt that quality of print work is essential.

The best printing service will be flexible and meet your needs. It will enable you to create the best possible finish and design for your needs. There will be times when you don’t need the highest quality to provide to customers but on the times that you do, it is good to know that you are working with a company that is able to meet your needs. Flexibility is always crucial in business and when it comes to the finest UK printing services, you’ll find that flexibility is often the most important element.

A good first impression is important for everyone and every firm. If you reach out to potential customers through the use of flyers, postcards, letters, brochures or any other printed material, there is a need to ensure you connect in the best possible manner. This should be the starting point in any decision you make with respect to print services.

Quality Travel Brochures Help Firms Go Places

Ski World Inside SpreadYes, the internet is becoming the first place people turn to when looking for most things, but there are still many industries and businesses that should utilise traditional print and promotional activities. With the pace and stress of modern life, it is easy to see why there is still a high demand for holidays amongst people. There is no getting away from the fact that the economy is in a bad way and people are struggling with their finances, but if anything, this has made many people even more determined to have a holiday. People need to get away from it all and if they are going to work harder and save at a great level to be able to afford a holiday, they are going to want the best possible holiday they can afford.

This means that travel companies have to be in a position to offer a wide range of holidays for people and they have to convince consumers that their holidays are worth investing in. There is a focus on value for money with respect to holidays these days. There is a lot to be said for finding an affordable last minute deal but with a greater level of pressure being placed on the modern holiday, people are looking to play it safe and find a destination that they know is perfect for them.

This means that travel agencies and companies have to work harder to ensure that a client feels comfortable and relaxed about the holiday that is on offer. Firms are doing a lot online but there is also a lot to be said for the travel brochure. This has long been regarded as a staple of the tourist industry and it still holds a place for many consumers. This is because people like to weigh up their holiday decisions and they like to be able to review and compare different holidays. Yes this can be done online but most people are comfortable with the traditional holiday brochure, laying out different destinations and resorts in an instantly recognisable manner. If you are looking to make comparisons between a range of resorts, having a number of tabs open in your browser isn’t always the best solution.

High service is essential at all times

While the long run travel brochure is a traditional element that firms can utilise, there is no doubt that firms need to provide a high level of service for their clients. This means investing in a better quality of print, ensuring that the images are presented in the best possible fashion and ensuring the information contained within the brochure is up to date and correct. All of these elements will play a role in ensuring a client feels confident about picking a particular holiday from a firm.

One of the things that people really like about a travel brochure is the fact that the information contained in the brochure stays the same. If you book a holiday and then find that many of the features promised in the brochure weren’t available, you have a record of what promises were made. Websites are updated and modified all the time, which means that when you go back and check, the information you were originally provided with may have changed. This means using a brochure provides a client with peace of mind about the information that they have been provided. This may not seem like the strongest reason for issuing brochures but the importance of peace of mind in a client or customer can never be overlooked.

In the modern era, customers are scrimping and saving to be able to afford a holiday. Offering them a high level of peace of mind is the least a travel firm can do. Long run travel brochures still have a big part to play in the tourism industry and for the best possible brochures, contact Purple Results.

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