BoxesIn many industries, there are products and services that have a high status and are associated with being a classy product. This means that every element of the product needs to be in touch with this image. This is because the brand identity of a products, service or company is crucial to the overall impact that the customer or client feels. A perfect example of this is the perfume industry as this is an industry where what the customer feels is not solely about the product. This is something that firms have to be aware of because if there is any element letting them down, they may find that they lose out on customers.

First of all, you tend to find the best selling products in the perfume and aftershave industry are related to a celebrity tie-in. It remains to be seen just how much input a celebrity has in their product creation but their name and face on the advertising campaign will go a long way to making people part with their cash. There will be some customers that rush out and buy the product with smelling what it is like or caring what the scent is. When you think of a perfume, the only thing that should really matter is its scent. If you like the scent and you feel that it is something that is right for you, or perhaps will be appreciated by those around you, you buy it. That’s it, that should technically be the main factor in buying a perfume, although of course, price and perceived value for money will always have a role to play in the buying decision. This is far from being the case though and it would be fair to say that for many perfumes, the scent is one of the last things that consumers consider when they buy a perfume.

Perfume packaging is one of the most important factors for customers

After the celebrity endorsement has been put in place, one of the most important things in selling perfume is the packaging. The packaging has to fit neatly alongside the overall brand and identity that is being sold by the company. A firm like Diesel likes to present a quirky and innovative style in their brand, and this means that this comes through in their promotional material and their packaging. Conversely, the Chanel brand is known for timeless style and elegance. If Diesel and Chanel were to keep every other variable constant but swapped packaging, sales of both would plummet. The name of Chanel may still be enough to convince with some customers to part with their hard earned cash but in reality, both products would seriously struggle down to the fact that the packaging doesn’t match up to consumer expectations.

This means that perfume companies need to find a bespoke print firm that will buy in to their image and brand. This means the packaging has to be of a certain nature and the point of sale material has to be of the same style and format. The style of the packaging should be represented and featured in the promotional material of the company. This is a big ask for many print firms and it is easy to see why there is a need to work with a highly rated print firm to bring this sort of product to the market place in the most tangible way. This is where working closely with a firm like Purple Results is likely to make all the difference.

The perfume industry is not entirely indicative of the market for all consumer products. It clearly has a standalone vibe to it but this doesn’t belittle the unique nature of the market. In many ways, the packaging and the promotional material of perfume can be seen as being more important than most things, maybe even the scent itself.