BearWhen it comes to making an impact, it may be argued that bigger is always better. After all, if you want to be remembered, you need to be seen and if you provide a large promotional activity, you will definitely be seen. It should be noted thought that bigger isn’t always best when it comes to your marketing activities so it is important to be flexible in knowing how best to get your point across.

This means that when you look for a firm that will provide you with the best printing services, you need to find a firm that will offer a range of services. If you are looking to create billboards, you want to find a firm that can work in the largest possible sizes and knows how to create the best possible impact from such a creation. However, it may be that you need business cards; postcards, flyers or leaflets and these require a very different dynamic. You need to be able to be memorable in a much smaller format but given that you also need to get certain points of information across to clients, there is a need to find a firm that is skilled at balancing these needs. If it is all promotional bluster, clients will not know who to contact. If it is all company information, there will be no excitement and no reason for a client to engage with the firm. The smaller the medium size, the more intelligent and creative the design company has to be to ensure that the message comes across in the right manner.

Sometimes smaller will be better

This may lead you to think that bigger is always better but there will be times when smaller is better. If you are networking and you meet with a client, having them a big brochure may be unsuitable for their needs. This is why a good looking business card, which be placed directly into a wallet, will be received in a more positive manner. There is also the fact that for physical real world promotions, flyers and leaflets work so much better. If you are a business operating in an area where there is a great level of passing foot traffic, your bets promotional activity will be in reaching out to people that pass you by. In this regard, obtaining the most effective UK flyer printing services and then passing flyers out to people that pass by your shop may be the most effective way for you to attract people to your store.

When it comes to paper sizes in the UK, the A series of the ISO standard is the most common with many people instantly recognising A4. This is a great choice at times but on other occasions it may be that you need a paper size of a different length and size to best suit your needs. You may also want to take into consideration the size of an envelope if you are distributing your leaflets or flyers. The C4 envelope is one that is perfect for holding a sheet of A4 paper but it may be that a DL envelope, capable of holding A4 paper that has been folded into three is better for your needs. The delivery format is also likely to impact on the right style of print service for your needs. If you are looking for the best folded leaflet printing London has to offer, be sure to check out Purple Results.

There is also the fact that the folding nature of your material may deliver additional benefits to clients. You only have to think of the standard takeaway restaurant or fast food outlet flyers to understand that folded material works very well. The slim nature of the material means that it can be placed through letterboxes with the minimum of fuss and effort but the folded nature also provides natural divisions. This means that different types of meals or foods can be easily separated, allowing you to create a menu that is easy to read and follow. This will help the customer to make a decision, so the format of your printed material can impact on the ease of use for clients.