Purple_BoxWith the increasing focus and attention on digital mediums and online promotion, it could be easy to think that traditional print and promotional activities are dying out. Sure there is still a need for some print products but these are often being considered as a niche product in many industries and sectors. Digital offers convenience and it is easy for firms to produce, while offering a lot of financial reasons to switch to digital. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many firms are placing an increased amount of focus on digital print solutions.

However, you only have to think about the music industry to realise that digital isn’t always the best solution. Switching to CDs and digital downloads was trumpeted as being the best thing for people, offering convenience and a more affordable price tag than vinyl. This saw the majority of the marketplace switch over but slowly and surely, there has been an edging back towards vinyl and this is the case for many reasons. There is a higher level of quality in many vinyl products, it offers other benefits as opposed to just the tangible product and it can be a talking point that gets people excited about the standard product.

These reasons are as pertinent for luxury print solutions as they are for vinyl records. It is not as though every printed medium is something to be cherished or adored. A luxury print magazine or brochure is not of the same standard as the free newspapers and magazines that litter town and city centres every day after the daily commute.

Appeal to people’s sense of touch

Firstly, a luxury magazine plays to the sense of touch, providing a sensory delight that is not always available with a wide range of modern products, and it certainly isn’t available in digital print or promotional material. A great quality print will ensure that people want to pick up and explore a brochure of booklet and once they have it in their hands, they will be less inclined to put it down. This is the sort of connectivity that brands are crying out for and there is a genuine chance to provide this in one easy move. Luxury print services from Purple Results will ensure that customers and clients are desperate to have your product in their hands.

There is also no getting away from the fact that the act of producing a high quality luxury print will provide the company or brand with a level of prestige that other firms don’t have. If you want consumers and clients to think that you are a big company, you need to act like a big company and this is why releasing luxury print products fits the bill perfectly. Using high quality brochures to show off your high quality products and services will go a long way to creating a viable brand. If you combine the high quality of print with a great standard of copywriting, a stunning range of photos and a stylish design, you are virtually guaranteed to be thought of as being one of the most prestigious firms in your field. This is the sort of reputation that most firms are desperate to obtain and it is probably available in a much easier manner than people think.

Luxury print also taps into other benefits for clients. Digital often means disposable, which usually means that many people never get around to reading it. Think about your emails, if you don’t read it the moment it arrives or when you log on, there is a strong chance you will delete it or it will lie there unread. This is because there are always new emails flooding into your inbox, pushing down unread mails and once they are out of sight, they are rarely opened. This is why creating a great physical product that is practically begging to be read increases your chances of getting across to a consumer. If you want to be seen, give your audience a reason to look at you.