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A list of our print machinery

Purple_monster5Purple Results use the latest printing technology and machinery to ensure your print job is of the highest quality.

See our plant list below and you will understand why Purple Results are one of the regions leading printing companies:


Both Apple Mac and PC files are accepted and all major DTP programmes available (PDF preferred).

  • Prinergy V5 Workflow System Advanced repro workflow.
    • PDF workflow, imposing and trapping software.
    • Colour Management.
    • ICC Profiling
  • Heidelberg Printready 2010 Workflow System
  • PDF workflow, imposing and trapping software
  • Epson 9900 (B1 Hi-Res Plotter)
  • Epson 9880 (B1 Hi-Res Plotter)
  • Epson 10600 (B1 Hi-Res Plotter)
  • Heidelberg Suprasetter H105 (B1 Platesetter)
  • FTP (Secure hosting available)
  • CIP3 data transfer
  • Mellow Colour ISO 12647-2 Colour Management


  • 2 x Heidelberg 102 B1 Eight Colour Press Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020
  • Heidelberg 102 B1 Five Colour Press with Coating Unit Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020
  • Heidelberg SM74-SLFive Colour Press with Coating Unit Maximum sheet size 720 x 520
  • Konica Minolta C6000 bizhub Digital Press with colour personalisation capabilities maximum sheet size 330 x 487mm


  • 3 x Polar 115 Guillotines With lift and stacking equipment
  • 2 x MBO B30 Folder Maximum sheet size 900 x 660mm
  • MBO K72 4KTL Folder Maximum sheet size 1000 x 720mm
  • Stahl PO78 32pp Folder Maximum sheet size 1020 x 720mm
  • Stahl RD78T Folder Maximum sheet size 1020 x 720mm
  • Stahl RDK78 Folder Maximum sheet size 1000 x 720mm
  • Stahl RT55 Maximum sheet size 720 x 520mm
  • Stahl TD66 Maximum sheet size 720 x 520mm
  • 2 x Heidelberg Cylinders
  • 2 x Muller Martini Gather, stitch and trim with 6 stations and cover feeders
  • Longford card folding machine
Additional finishing operations available

Loop and stab stitching, drilling, padding, eye letting, collating, bench work, ram bundling, heat sealing, shrink wrapping, packing, distribution and full handwork facilities

Mailing and Enclosing Equipment

  • 1 x Buhrs BB300 8 station C4 to C6
  • 1 x Mailcrafter 6 station
  • 1 x Mailcrafter 4 station
  • Sitma C80-750 Polywrapping Line – 5 stations and 1 product placement windmill
  • Moll Bump & Turn plough unit
  • RoBo Tech tanks for low tack glue application for one piece mailer work
  • RoBo Tech tanks for remoist gum application

Data Processing

  • Mailsort, Mailsort CBC, OCR and Walksort
  • Down Stream Access (DSA) sortation
  • Data Cleaning including PAF, GAS, Bereavement etc (Free Reports)
  • Deduping (including MPS)
  • Barcoding (BC39 2 of 5 etc.)
  • Full Print Imaging Facilities
  • Upper and Lower case, salutation, Valediction, Ganging – 1/2/4/8 etc. up processing,
  • Bar Coding, Coding,variable letter text and reports as required
  • Full Postscript Project Design

All programs written in house and can be formatted to your specification.

Laser Printing Services

  • Konica Minolta bizhub 1052 high speed black and white
  • NPS – Postscript / PCL True 600 d.p.i resolution
  • LPS – Metacode 600 d.p.i Simulated resolution


  • Domino L600 inkjet system (offline/online) 600 d.p.i
  • Domino Jetarray inkjet system (offline/online) 600 d.p.i

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